Peaceful Sunrise Album Cover

Peaceful Sunrise Album Cover

Welcome to the Michael Church Music site.

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Watching Clouds site link

Watching Clouds site link

New Album Peaceful Sunrise to Launch soon In 2020.

Stay tuned for more updates. New Music and New Visuals.

Hope everyone will find it Relaxing, Tranquil, Calm and Serene.




Welcome to the Michael Church Music official website.

Days of Waves is the third collection in my instrumental water series. It features Ukulele and mandolin music set to video of beaches and waves.

Watching Clouds was the second album. It featured guitar based relaxing music set to video of slow moving clouds.

I attempted to create a relaxing audio and video environment that encourages imagination and relaxation. 

Part one of the water series was the Ice Painting Project. 

The Ice Painting Project music was recorded in Vancouver Canada and remastered in LA by the fantastic engineers at Universal Music. Its music is in an ambient, electronic new age in style. I shot video during a Canadian ice storm in 2013 and combined it with the music to make the videos.

Thanks to the people all over the world who have viewed the videos.

The videos can be found online at my YouTube Video Channel Michael Church Music. 

Days of waves is now out of production and available online with releases starting in 2016.

I love to experiment with sound and visuals and hope you enjoy the works.

The music is electronic, acoustic and sometimes a combination of both. 

Please enjoy.

Thanks and LOVE, Michael Church. 


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Michael and the Ukulele played on Days of Waves

Michael and the Ukulele played on Days of Waves