Michael Church Artist Biography

A Musical ‘Magellan’ and Renaissance Man
Michael Church Artist Biography

“At any time I may slip my musical moorings and change my stylistic direction on this musical voyage.” – Michael Church

The earth is not flat, and neither is the realm of music! At full sail, one songwriter has embarked on a journey to the cutting edge of the musical world. Michael Church is constantly voyaging into uncharted, stylistic waters. He also brings his career experiences as an inventor into his artistry, conceiving new methods, instruments and sounds for his compositions.

Michael Church is a sort of “Musical Magellan,” a true Renaissance man. Today Michael is a studio-based composer, artist, as well as a multi-instrumentalist. However, over the last two decades he has journeyed into everything from performing vogue-folk and pop, as well as composing new age instrumentals and soundscapes.

“I've always seen myself as an innovative composer… and a visual artist. Call me an explorer, just not as famous as Magellan,” he offers, smiling.

Church has always viewed his artistry as a humbling craft he practices within a limitless musical environment. As a child in the early 80s, it was old vinyl records and tunes from a transistor radio that beckoned him. Early on, Michael learned to sing as well as play guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. Michael elaborates, “Back then, I was a big fan of pop. But I was into every style of music – it was the birth of electronic music.” Church counts everything from Mozart to The Beatles, and ABBA to Van Halen as influential to his style.”

In his teens, Michael began to create experimental instruments in his father's shop. He then delved into the developing field of computer programming and electronic instruments. By his early twenties, he was performing live in a folk group called The Changelings and also working as a club DJ. His debut album was in 1993, called Radio Visual, which was a pop-based amalgam of tracks. Church made a debut as a singer-songwriter with an album entitled The Ballad of John Blank.

Michael's latest endeavors are into the genre of environmental soundscapes. “I call the compositions mindful,” he says. The first of these eclectic, ethereal albums was The Ice Painting Project. It was first released in 1999 and distributed by Festival Records for use in ice skating arenas around the country.

In 2014 Church re-mastered The Ice Painting Project and began work on composing three new EPs – a sort of trilogy – all based on a water theme. He added music videos to the compositions, something that Church feels brings his music “alive and growing.”

Watching Clouds“The new EP, and second in the trilogy is entitled Watching Clouds and was released in June of 2015 and is down-tempo with a lot of guitars. It soothes, moves the soul and inspires the listener,” Church explains. As 2016 approaches, Michael plans the third and final release in the project, based on the three physical states of water. Church expounds on his creative goal, “This three-part series, combined with their visual counterparts, create a meditative, healing effect.”

Church's music aims to help you reach what he calls a “Daydream Mode,” a serene, timeless journey into your subconscious mind. Michael's creates a scenery of sounds that flow slowly, deep and wayward… that's just the way he wants it.

After all, who knows where this explorer will go next. Before long, he will slip those musical moorings, and embark with his listeners into a new sea of sound. His goal… to discover new genres over the horizon!



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